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Providing Employment Services

Seedco has the unique experience as a workforce service provider to align the potential of job seekers with the needs of employers. Program services have the foundation of assessment and planning with individuals and working with employers to understand their challenges. Seedco’s services feature job readiness, credential opportunities, focus on local in-demand sectors, and growing employer relationships. As always, services are integrated  to ensure comprehensiveness.

Strong Fathers, Stronger Families

West Baltimore Career Pathways Collaborative 

Mid-South More Than Ready



Strong Fathers, Stronger Families

Strong Fathers, Stronger Families Mid-south (SFSF Mid-south) builds upon Seedco’s ten years of experience of operating responsible fatherhood programs in New York City and brings that knowledge to meet the needs of fathers in the Greater Memphis Metropolitan Region including Shelby County and Tipton County, TN and Crittenden County, AR. SFSF Mid-south will support fathers and father figures build strong father/child relationships, establish positive co-parenting skills, and increase economic stability and mobility through workshops, trainings, and job search, job placement, and job enhancement services.

Click here to learn more about Strong Fathers, Stronger Families Mid-south.

West Baltimore Career Pathways Collaborative

Seedco’s West Baltimore Career Pathways Collaborative engages local employers, service providers, and correctional agencies in establishing career pathways for individuals coming out of the criminal justice system. By helping individuals find a job and establish a path for advancement, Seedco improves their chances of successfully integrating into their communities and staying out of prison.

Since 2015, our program implements training and placement around locally in-demand sectors, including manufacturing and construction, and integrates:

  • access to training, education, and career development services;
  • case management to address life issues that are barriers for success; and
  • job placement to connect participants in long-term, well-paying jobs

A key partner in outreach and service delivery is Bon Secours Community Works. Other local partners in the West Baltimore CPC include the Maryland Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services, the Baltimore Workforce Investment Board, the Mayor’s Office of Human Services – ReEntry Division, and Job Opportunities Task Force. The US Department of Labor funds this program.

Mid-South More Than Ready

Seedco continues to serve and support citizens returning home in the Memphis/Shelby County area with the Mid-South More Than Ready (MSMTR)  program.  Funded by the Department of Justice and in collaboration with Shelby County Sheriff Floyd Bonner, Jr. and the Shelby County Division of Corrections, Seedco will serve returning citizens, both pre and post release by providing evidence-based workshops, programming and holistic social supports. This initiative will provide mentoring services, workforce development supports, education and training programs as well as housing and substance abuse referrals.

If you are returning home or know an individual who needs a support network, call Seedco today!


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We have a program specific to Arkansas, Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, New York, and Tennessee – and we are always interested in learning about new communities and partners

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