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For more than thirty years, Seedco has advanced economic opportunity in communities across the country. Our success is due to the generous support and collaboration of many partners. We welcome your partnership to help workers get established on a career path, improve access to workforce resources in underserved communities, connect employers with high-potential workers, and improve health, economic, and social wellbeing. There are many ways to support Seedco’s programs and partnerships. We encourage you to explore Seedco’s work and communities, share information with others, and connect directly with us.

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Seedco is growing its networks of employers that are committed to providing an inclusive workplace with opportunities for growth and advancement. Our partnerships emphasize learning about the challenges that employers face and designing workforce programs to incorporate their needs. Seedco also connects individual participants with employers and provides post-employment services to help them thrive as employees. If you are looking to tap into high-potential employees and to get insight on recruitment and retention, consider becoming a Seedco employer partner.


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Become A Community Partner

Seedco’s networks of community-based organizations, government agencies, and funders are integral to its success. We work with local partners to identify emerging needs, formulate solutions, conduct outreach, and integrate services. If you are looking for a solution-oriented partner, we want to hear from you.


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