Seedco Awarded $1.36 Million Grant through U.S. Department of Labor’s “Training to Work” Program  

Grant to Assist Those Reentering the Workforce from Prison 

Seedco has been awarded $1.36 million over three years for Shelby County, Tennessee to assist those reentering the workforce from prison through the U.S. Department of Labor’s “Training to Work” program. The “Training to Work” program helps men and women enrolled in state or local work release programs gain the job skills necessary for in-demand occupations as they reintegrate back into society.

In response to the awarding of this grant, Barbara Dwyer Gunn, President and CEO of Seedco, made the following statement:

“Seedco is extremely grateful to receive this grant from the U.S. Department of Labor. When individuals are released from prison, one of the greatest obstacles they face when trying to reintegrate into society is finding a decent, steady job. We all benefit from providing job opportunities and training to the formerly incarcerated, improving their lives and lowering recidivism.”

Chermale Casem, Chief Operating Officer of the Mid-South Regional Office, added:

“From our work over the past 10 years in Memphis, we know there is a great need for career and wrap-around services specifically designed for the re-entry population. We are extremely grateful to the U.S. Department of Labor for this unique opportunity for Seedco to also establish and lead a Shelby County Career Pathway Collaborative comprised of a diverse group of partners in the public and private sector, as well as community and faith-based organizations. We are poised to truly impact the lives of these returning citizens, their families and the Mid-South community.”

“Training to Work” incorporates the “comprehensive career pathways model, which aligns education and training services. This enables workers to attain industry-recognized credentials and find jobs. With access to good jobs and stable employment, adults and youth involved in criminal justice system are less likely to become repeat offenders, which, in turn, strengthens local economies and boosts public safety.

About Seedco

Seedco is a national nonprofit organization that advances economic opportunity for people, businesses, and communities in need. Seedco designs and implements innovative programs, partnerships, and services to foster vibrant economic development through three primary lines of work: workforce development initiatives, which improve long-term employment outcomes for low-income individuals; family and work support programs, which help low-income individuals and families retain employment and build assets; and technical assistance services for small businesses and nonprofits. The organization operates in New York, Georgia, Maryland and Tennessee.

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