Seedco’s Navigator program in the Upper Eastern Shore of Maryland has helped thousands of Marylanders enroll in affordable health insurance since the program launched in 2013.

The Maryland Health Connection shared a powerful testimonial from Joanne of Harford County, Maryland, who received assistance from one of Seedco’s experienced Navigators:

“Joanne, who has had Type 1 diabetes for more than 35 years, works two part-time jobs and her employers do not offer health insurance. She talked to us about her experience enrolling through Maryland Health Connection’s partner, Seedco.

“If it weren’t for [navigator] Sue, I would never [sign up for health insurance] alone. She is kind, compassionate, and an amazing professional. Her help alone makes this so much easier.”

Joanne says her plan is “amazing” and allows her to see her specialists without a referral.

Joanne stressed that affordable health care is necessary so she and other Marylanders can stay healthy. Preventive care (which plans cover) is essential. Although health insurance is Joanne’s least favorite thing to deal with, she doesn’t mind going to get Sue’s help every year.”

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