A major provider of ACA Navigator services, Seedco has operated ACA Navigator Programs in Georgia, Tennessee, Maryland and New York since 2012

In response to the Supreme Court’s  ruling in King v. Burwell, Barbara Dwyer Gunn, President and CEO of Seedco made the following statement:.

“Seedco has been very involved in helping thousands of Americans in four states sign up for healthcare, especially those in need of subsidies. The Affordable Care Act has made health care affordable for millions of Americans, many of whom have never before had adequate access to healthcare. 

Approximately 11.7 million Americans selected or automatically reenrolled into a 2015 health insurance plan through the Health Insurance Marketplaces. Nearly 7.7 million, or 87 percent, of those who signed up through qualified for an advance premium tax credit with an average value of $263 per person per month.

We are pleased with the Supreme Court’s decision in the case so that Americans will continue to have access to affordable healthcare and maintain a better quality of life.”

Seedco provides ACA Navigator services in Georgia and Tennessee (in addition to New York and Maryland, although these states are not impacted by the decision).  Seedco has operated Navigator services in these states since 2012, conducting outreach in vulnerable communities and advising clients of the enrollment options available to them.

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, 540,080 Americans enrolled in a Qualified Health Plan (QHP) in Georgia during open enrollment. It is estimated that 45% were re-enrollments and 90% enrolled with financial assistance. 231,440 Americans enrolled in a QHP in Tennessee during open enrollment, 47% of whom were re-enrollments, 87% with financial assistance.

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